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 Lunako's story

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PostSubject: Lunako's story   Thu Sep 19, 2013 3:50 pm

Note: This is a crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Bakugan. I don't own anything except for Lunako.
Theme Song: New Divide
Artist: Linkin Park
Here is a link to the song that with Kingdom Hearts' Roxas, Axel and a few others:

- in the Perfect Core-

I must escape...My...My memories... They are being stolen!...I have to help those who are in danger...I...must....GRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Chapter 1: The Beginning
-New Vestroia-

          It was a regular day for Roxas. There were places to go and missions to be done. The blonde boy with a black coat walked to a black portal like thing and left. He read the mission that was given to him. "Investigate this place report any strange activities." he said walking forward.

           He didn't watch where he was going and bumped into a you man a little older than him. He looked up to see who it was. The person he bumped into was a tall blonde man. He was mumbling to himself. He looked to see the young blonde. Then, a young boy with blue hair about the young brunette's age that was with the older blonde started to complain. " Hey! You'll pay for disrespecting Master Spectra!" he yelled.

          " Look, I'm sorry about that! I have been going through to much that I might not be able to take it any more!" Roxas shouted.

          "Settle down Gus." the older blonde said.
         " But Master Spectra!" Gus yelled.

         " I'll handle things Gus." Spectra said.

           " Alright! You asked for it!" Roxas said ready to fight. Then he felt a huge pain in his head. "Aaah! What is this pain?! Where is it coming from?!" the brunette shouted.

             Then, there was a voice in his head. The voice that was there sounded familiar to him. As if he met her. Then an image of the one speaking appeared as a white dragon.Help me! she said.Help me before it is to late! Then she faded. The blonde then passed out.

              The blue haired boy was furious. A dark portal then opened. A man with red hair and tear like tattoos under his eyes stepped out of it. He noticed the young blonde was passed out. He picked him up and left without a word.

-Castle That Never was-

               Roxas! a voice said. Roxas! Wake up!
               The boy then awoke from his slumber to find the other boy there waiting. " Axel?..." he asked. " Where am I?"
               " Roxas, you're awake. We are back at the castle." Axel said.

               " I... I think so... All I remember was a voice and a white dragon... It must have been a dream..."
              " That is a bit strange..." Roxas said. "We better go back to investigate what happened to you."

               Without much movement the voice appeared again. Only this time it was more clearly. An image of her appeared in front of Roxas.
               Roxas... At last we meet... the voice said.
               "Who are you?" Roxas asked.

                My name is of no importance at the moment... Back at New Vestroia, there is an orb of light in the sky... It is called the Perfect Core...I am all that is left of it... the voice said.

               " The Perfect Core?" Roxas asked confusedly. " That's what it is..."

               Yes...But I am afraid there is only a little time left...You must find the core of your world, the core Kingdom Hearts...I will send you there my self...Once you are in Kingdom Hearts, be careful...You never know who or what you may find...You'll find me in it's center...

              A light suddenly surrounded Roxas as he was taken away to a place not many can go... "Kingdom Hearts?" Roxas said.
-Kingdom Hearts-

            Roxas walked around lost and confused at what just happened. He finally realize that the voice that spoke to him told the truth. The place he was in was Kingdom Hearts. Roxas tried to grasp the concept that he couldn't turn back. As Xiero got closer to the center of Kingdom Hearts, the voice he was hearing got louder. He kept walking toward the center where he found a large white and pink dragoness. She was smiling at Roxas. At long last, we finally meet.

            Roxas walked up to the dragon. The large dragon leaned down toward Roxas. Roxas looked up to meet the dragoness' eyes.
"What am I doing here? What's going on here?" Roxas asked.
             Your world is in grave danger... And only you at this time have the power to help. the mysterious voice said.

             " Me?...But...What can I do?"Roxas asked.

             You have the powers that not many have... It is called the keyblade...                
            " Keyblade? " Roxas asked with question.

             It is a weapon that not many can wield. It chooses who wields it...

           "I know that."
            Yes... I can see you are close by... Hurry...


            Suddenly dark creatures arrived. They surrounded Roxas as he made it to the center of Kingdom Hearts. "Whoa! " said Roxas.

            Heartless! They must have followed you here! Quick! You must summon you Keyblade! the voice said.

            " Right " Roxas shouted.
             Empty your mind of all things evil! Think of nothing at all! Concentrate on your weapon and it will come to you!

             Roxas shut his eyes, losing himself, forgetting about the threats around him. He let out his hand as a large key appeared. A yellow and silver key with a chain at the base of it.  Roxas then opened his eyes and looked at it. "The Kingdom Key..." He said.

             That's correct... Hurry... Stop these Heartless!...

             Roxas then took his blade and slashed the Heartless with it. Each one he slashed, he got stronger. That was then the voice who was speaking to him attacked the Heartless with a large blast, destroying all of the Heartless. Xiero then covered his eyes to shield out the light. The power of the light was to strong and pushed Roxas back.

              Roxas! Do not be afraid... I will be with you shortly in a new world that you have never been to... Be careful...And...Good luck...

              Roxas then was sent to a darkened place. A world that he's never been to. He was barely conscience to know what was going on. He then saw a large shaped moon in the sky. He whispered softly, " Kingdom Hearts..."

              Then a man saw Roxas laying there. It was raining in the place that he was in. The man saw in Roxas' clutches the Kingdom Key. " I see... You have  returned...Xemnas will be pleased." He said.

              Roxas looked up to barely see a blue haired man with an "x" shaped scar on his face. Then he passed out. Roxas was not ready for what was in store for him.

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Lunako's story
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