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 Gang of destory story change

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PostSubject: Gang of destory story change   Tue May 25, 2010 5:44 pm

Misa ask me to post this she give me a copy of the story here i go

First day of highschool
My name is KimRhodes 12 years old a freshman and everyone is expect kevin a sophmore you see i know everyone we know each other since middle school but there's these gang they took control of the classroom and their name are BobSparks 10 years old ChrisRhodes 13 he is my brother are parnts dont know he is part of a gang always buys HengeryMonts 12 same age as me older then me birthday before mine JuliePrincess 11 KevinMarks 14 he is the leader of the gang i have feelings for him they use waterguns and swords they use it for fifgting demons but the the waterguns they squirt it at everyone know one stand up to tem ever snce we went to highschool the gang decide to take control of the classroom the class decide to stand up to going to slay the demon miss my other brother and sister for not getting my stuff ready for school mon amd dad going to ride my motorcyle bye dont gget hurt and be safe relpy kim paerents mand said flora i wish to stand up to the gang me to relpy bob wait you suppost to be on the gang side reply flora i know but i dont want to no more they not paying attention to me but we shouldnt be afraid of them flora i know we just are okay then you should quite the gang but we just are you right i will later on want everything to go back to normal hey brandon said megan after school want to go to the duel stadium sure relpy brandon come on joseph be my friend again said andy no leave me alone relpy joseph stop talikng to me flore are you alright said bob yes did you know kevin has a sister name bloom relpy megan so megan are you going to sihn relpy joseph yes come watch guys deep down i know the gang has a good heart wish to stop them relpy megan i have a feeling someone will stand up to them and i know who it be who relpy flora brandon i can tell he had enough later it happen everyone be shock relpy megan will we ever be friends again joseph said andy i dont know i will think about it let you knoe relpy joseph okai i wait let me know and im sorry for what i did i will never take you'r girlfriend away from you again promise relpy andy okay we can be friend again but if you do this again wont give you another chance dont do it again i have to tell you something im going to california leaving for six months please dont tell anyone want them to notice im gone okay i wont tell anyone unless someone ask me promise i miss you relpy andy when are you leaving joseph tommorw i be here half a day alright kevin said megan i changelle you to a sword fight who sowrd falls on the ground loses the other person wins and you have to listen to them the rest of the school year do you accepet my challenge or you scared no im not fine i accept get you'r sword out megan relpy kevin okay relpy megan who do tyou think win said bob to flore i dont know maybe kevin relpy flora or megan would win about to strat kim looks at her watch 8:45 am still riding her motorcyle got a tex from morgan says megan challenge kevin to a sword fight who sword falls on the ground the other person wins and you have to listen to them the rest of the school year kim relpy i be ther in five minutes i hope megan wins cant tex no more driving my motorycle see you when i come morgan said to timmy kim will be here in five minutes im megan kim says shwe hopes you win me to you can do it yeah agre timmy you can do it never give up no matter whart what wrong said bod to flors nothin im okay tired relpy flora i be fine cant wait untill my birthday may20 i want a party if i do you can come hey flora relpy bob do you want to be my girlfriend sure relpy flora i had enough of you relpy kevin i win now yohave to be part of the gang side fine relpy megan im on you'r side now kim walks in did megean win no relpy timmy now she has to be on theeir tean contiue kevin was about to squirt kim she tried to get her watergun out fast then brando gets his watergun out not so fast kevin now we start by you shutting up and things are going back the way be contiued payback part2.
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PostSubject: Re: Gang of destory story change   Wed May 26, 2010 12:45 pm

Cool story
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PostSubject: Re: Gang of destory story change   Wed May 26, 2010 1:42 pm

I think that is awsome story i should write one.
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PostSubject: Re: Gang of destory story change   

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Gang of destory story change
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