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 Kamen Rider Dragon Knight RP

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PostSubject: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight RP   Sat Feb 28, 2009 4:22 pm

Hello all this is me Shun. In the few weeks I've been watching a show called "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight". It's a pretty cool show. The show is all about Kamen Rider's and their Advent Deck. The main protagonist is Kit Taylor and the antagonist Xaviax. I've decided to make RP of it. Please follow the template below:

Kamen Rider: (Choices: Dragon Knight(taken), Wing Knight, Scizor, Torque, Camao, and Thrust)
Avent Deck: (Note: It depends on which ridfr you choose.)
Side: (Good or Evil)


Season 3 Profile:
Season 3 Record:
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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight RP
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