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 Some ideas

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PostSubject: Some ideas   Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:22 pm

I think the site should have a ranked and unranked roleplaying section and the shop should be expanded. The ranked roleplaying would go to a "point" total that would determine ranks. While the ranked rules would be stricter, special bakugan and abilities would be allowed. unranked would be like our current normal battle system. Also, ranked battles could win you money to use at the shop. The shop itself would be stocked with bakugan so users can build their team, as well as cards for the bakugan. Obviously these would need rules, so I'll lay 'em out:

Ranked Battles: Only one ability, fusion ability, and command per fight, and one special ability per brawl. Also, only 3 Bakugan per brawl, regardless of situation. Any card/Bakugan goes as long as you have legitimitly obtained the card/bakugan, minus Doom Card, which is forbidden.

Shop: Users may PM me or Shun and ask to buy an item from the shop. The amount will be subtracted from your total $. You can earn it back in a few ways:
$100- win an unranked brawl
$1000- win a perfect unranked brawl
$10000- win a ranked brawl
$20000- perfect a ranked brawl
$x- earn money by putting fan-fic stuff in the shop. 1/2 the money goes back to you
In addition, you earn $100 back for every day you log in and POST, not VISIT
Also, a 10-bakugan limit (unranked only) would be in place to keep people from abusing the shop. However, fan-fic bakugan are an exception. They could be used regardless of your Bakugan total
Ranking system- bear with me, it's developing
1 point for unranked win, 2 for perfect
2 for ranked win, 4 for perfect
you lose points if you're caught cheating, like wrongly using cards on purpose or using an "illegal" bakugan. the amount increases every time.

Extra notes: comments/suggestions are welcome, but any negative flaming will be deleted. I'm still working out kinks, so it may take awhile to develop. Until then be patient.
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Some ideas
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