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 Rule's of brawl.

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PostSubject: Rule's of brawl.   Sun Apr 20, 2008 3:41 pm

These are the rule's of brawling in this website.
Until Shun get's more people on this site these are the rule's.
Only ONE bakugan more than 390 G's.
You must have a list of your bakugan on your signature.
YOU CANNOT USE FOUL OR UNNECESARY WORD'S!!! You get five chance's, if you pass five, swooo, your out, if you curse more than 6 time's the extra chance's will count after you get back. If any Moderate catche's you, you'll be sorry. Some people (like Shun) is able to look at private message's as well so don't think you can get away with it!
Do not impersonate a Moderate or Adminastrator, please do not make yourself look like an idiot. If someone ask's you for help help them, but do not act like a mod, it will be very embarrasing if you tell someone your a mod and they check if you are and laugh at you.
You can evolve a bakugan if it has won 6 brawl's with that bakugan.
DO NOT HAVE ANY NASTY PICTURE'S!!!!!!!!That is the most important rule of all!if you get caught you'll be automatically banned for a week, twice is a month and three time's is a year.
DO NOT POST STUPID POST'S!!! I have seen it on other website's, people just waisting time posting whatever they want.NO. Do not do that.
And most important of all if you manage to stay on while breaking the rule's I will ask Shun to delete, take off DESTROY! your profile to the ground.
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Rule's of brawl.
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