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 Infinity Quest RP

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PostSubject: Infinity Quest RP   Wed Jun 17, 2009 6:29 am

Practiclly its about 6 brawlers(one from each attribute) who travel the land fighting strong bakugans such as Helios and other hard bakugan and during there adventure they collect many bakugan and enter battles. Their key is to find the New hiding spot of the Infinity core and returning it to where it belongs in the middle of the Attribute worlds. To join simply follow this template.

Name: eg. (Haze)
Age: eg. (12)
Bakugan: eg. (Percival 400GS Helios 380Gs Hades 390Gs and TrapBakugan Falconfly360Gs) Only (3)
Attribute: eg. (darkus)
Appearance: eg.(Blonde hair brown eyes with a slim athletic body)
Personality: eg. (Outgoing has a big temper but rarely explodes always trys his best)
Side: Weather you are helping us or trying to stop us (Me>> Good)
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Infinity Quest RP
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