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 Moderation. Hot topic, no?

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PostSubject: Moderation. Hot topic, no?   Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:19 pm

So, I suppose I moderate all of the forums now.
An update I'd like to post, is that we're getting chat mods.
Rikimaru is in on it, and hopefully Shun will agree.
We need the chat mods, to keep the peace, now that our chat is active.
Chat moderators have the symbol '@' before their name on the list.
For chat mods, I was thinking, Hydranoid, Jaypaw, and I. And any other mod that wants in.
I chose the three of us, for we're most active on the chat.
Also, Jaypaw and Master Akatashi, the new chat mods, need at least a section to moderate, for example, Bakugan. Including the forums: Links, General Chat, and Fan Art.
That would give them a head start, and allow them to moderate the busyest section on the site.
In doing so, we get more efficient mods, and a more peaceful site.

Thank you,


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Moderation. Hot topic, no?
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