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 The Keyblades From KH2

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PostSubject: The Keyblades From KH2   Sun Jul 27, 2008 11:13 am

Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Key:
Wielder - Sora
Obtained - Destiny Islands

The keyblade from the realm of light. At the very beginning of Kingdom Hearts, Sora was having a dream. In that dream he was given choices that would affect the rest of his journey. He fought against unknown creatures known as the heartless. When he woke from this dream, he was back on his home islands with Riku and Kairi. They decided to continue with the raft they were making to sail to other worlds, but this plan was ruined when the heartless attacked the islands. Sora managed to find Riku in all the chaos, as he was being engulfed in darkness. Sora wanted to go with him, but he couldn't reach Riku. In a blinding light, Sora was left with the keyblade, and the power to destroy heartless. He slowly learned how the legendary keyblade worked, from Leon and some hands on experiance. The keyblade is able to open any lock, as well as seal locks. It can also release a captive heart stolen by a heartless, which is why the heartless feared the keyblade. The heartless seemed attracted to the keyblade. They tried to destroy Sora so that they would no longer have to fear anything, since the keyblade wielder would be gone. Sora used the keyblade to seal worlds, so the heartless would not be able to destory them like they did to his islands.

Eventually he was reunited with Riku, and found out that he was never supposed to wield the keyblade. The keyblade originally choose Riku as its master, but since he disappeared in darkness, it went to Sora instead. Riku reclaimed it, stating that Sora was just "The Delivery Boy." Donald and Goofy followed Riku, following the King's orders to stay with the keyblade. But Donald and Goofy couldn't betray Sora, and decided to go back with him. With the strength of his friends, Sora was able to claim the keyblade as his own now that his heart was stronger than Riku's heart. At the conclusion of the game, Sora sealed Kingdom Hearts with King Mickey with their keyblades.

In Kingdom Hearts II, it has the same purpose as the last game. Except now Organization XIII was manipulating Sora and the keyblade to accomplish their own goals. For every captive heart released from the heartless by the keyblade, their own Kingdom Hearts would grow closer to becoming complete. Sora had no choice but to continue eliminating heartless, if he didn't then they would only multiply and attack. Sora eventually faced Xemnas with the other keyblade masters, Mickey and Riku, and bravely fought against him.

Attack Power - 3
Magic Power - 1
Ability - Defender

Mickey's Keyblade:
Wielder - King Mickey
Obtained - Before Kingdom Hearts

This keyblade appears identical to the one Sora has, except the colors on the handle and on the blade are switched. It's said that this keyblade is the one from the realm of darkness. It's unknown exactly when Mickey got this, but he got it sometime before he met Ansem the Wise. He wields this keyblade on his unknown adventures, and eventually found his way onto the other side of Kingdom Hearts with Riku. He used the keyblade, along with Sora's keyblade, to seal Kingdom Hearts. He still wields it in Kingdom Hearts II and has been referred as a 'Keyblade Master' by Xemnas. He stays true to this title when he fights against Xemnas with the other Keyblade Masters, Sora and Riku.

Oathkeeper & Oblivion:
Wielder - Roxas
Obtained - After Kingdom Hearts

Roxas was born when Sora turned into a heartless at Hollow Bastion. He awoke in Twilight Town after that incident, he had the ability to wield Oathkeeper and Oblivion since he was created. The reason why he was able to wield a keyblade was because he is the nobody of Sora, which means he gained all the skills that he had. These two keyblades belong to Sora, and are the same exact ones that Roxas uses. Shortly after Sora lost them in Castle Oblivion, Roxas managed to obtain them. These are the main weapons that Roxas uses in battle. For a while Roxas used a fake Kingdom Key, until his memory came back to him and he regained his lost Oathkeeper and Oblivion in a battle with Axel. Although this reunion was short-lived, he used Oathkeeper and Oblivion against Sora in their battle.

Attack Power - 3 / 6
Magic Power - 3 / 2
Ability - Form / Drive Boost

Way To Dawn:
Wielder - Riku
Obtained - After Land of Dragons, Second Visit

The exact time when Riku got his keyblade is unknown, but it's sometime after Sora encounters him in Land of Dragons. When Riku appears in The World That Never Was, he suddenly has this keyblade with him. The Soul Eater Riku has was used as an intermediary for the creation of his keyblade. This is why the appearance of Way To Dawn looks so similar to Riku's former weapon. Since Riku has always been using Soul Eater since he first obtained it, he still calls Way To Dawn that. This keyblade could be taken as the one from the world in-between. He is considered a keyblade master since Xemnas referred to him, Sora and King Mickey as one. He and Sora use their keyblades in the final battle against Xemnas.

Attack Power - 3
Magic Power - 0
Ability - None

Kairi's Keyblade:
Wielder - Kairi & Riku?
Obtained - Sometime Before The World That Never Was

Not very much is known about this keyblade or its power. When Kairi saw Sora being attacked by heartless, she jumped down from a platform to attempt to help him. She too was ambushed by heartless, and might have been seriously injured. Luckily, Riku stepped in, saved Kairi and gave her a weapon to protect herself with. Kairi was able to wield the keyblade and actually use it to fight against the heartless. After the cutscene, the keyblade is never spoken of or seen for the rest of the game. It has a delicate design, with flowers decorating the top of the blade. The keychain's symbol, that is connected to it, is a star that closely resembles the papou fruit. Surely Kairi wielding a legendary keyblade raises a few questions, questions that remained unanswered until Nomura addresses them.

Star Seeker:
Attack Power - 3
Magic Power - 1
Ability - Air Combo Plus
Obtained In - Twilight Town. When you first visit Twilight Town, you will eventually reach Yensid's Tower. Upon reaching the top of the tower, Sora receives new clothes and Valor Form. Star Seeker comes with the costume change.

Hidden Dragon:
Attack Power - 2
Magic Power - 2
Ability - None
Obtained In - Land of Dragons. When you first visit Land of Dragons, Sora will be reunited with Mushu and be introduced to Mulan. Eventually the both of you face Shan-Yu, a hun bent on ruling China. Once defeated, Sora is given the Hidden Dragon keyblade as a reward for his bravery.

Hero's Crest:
Attack Power - 4
Magic Power - 0
Ability - Air Combo Plus
Obtained In - Olympus Coliseum. "Junior Hero" Sora reunites with his old friends at the Coliseum. Nothing much has changed, and Hades is still up to his old tricks. He lures Sora into the underworld while releasing the beast Hydra on the Coliseum. After the Hydra finally loses all its heads, Sora receives Hero's Crest, growing ever more closer to being a real hero.

Attack Power - 3
Magic Power - 2
Ability - Item Boost
Obtained In - Timeless River. After going through the storyline events at Disney Castle, you will be transferred to the comical looking world of Timeless River. On your trip to the past, you'll find two Petes bickering. Just make sure that you take the bad Pete out, and you'll get a gift from the past, the Monochrome keyblade.

Follow The Wind:
Attack Power - 3
Magic Power - 1
Ability - Draw
Obtained In - Port Royal. Always wanting to be a pirate, Sora grew very excited when he arrived in Port Royal. Captain Jack Sparrow was what Sora wanted to be, but Jack's rival Barbossa was causing havoc to get his selfish goals accomplished. For defeating Barbossa and breaking the curse set upon Jack, Sora gets his share of the treasure, the Follow The Wind keyblade.

Circle Of Life:
Attack Power - 4
Magic Power - 1
Ability - MP Haste
Obtained In - Pride Lands. When Sora entered this world, he took a feline form thanks to his new dudes. But no matter how colorful Sora was, he couldn't bring up the gloomy pridelands, at least not alone. Sora traveled across the massive plains and stumbled upon his old companion Simba. Not only do you find Simba, but you find a new keyblade too.

Photon Debugger:
Attack Power - 3
Magic Power - 2
Ability - Thunder Boost
Obtained In - Space Paranoids. After breaking into Ansem's secret hideout, Sora and the gang get uploaded into Ansem's computer. While in the electronical world the gang meets Tron. Sora learns why the program has been acting so wierd, so he sets out to stop the madness. In his search he finds a Hostile Program. After cleansing the world, a Photon Debugger gets added to Sora's inventory.

Attack Power - 3
Magic Power - 0
Ability - Experiance Boost
Obtained In - Hollow Bastion. Take a trip to the book of Pooh and complete the forth level. Return to Hollow Bastion after you accomplish this and head to the Postern. Yuna and the gang will be there, angry for being lied to. However, they forgive Sora knowing of what he has done. They instead reward him with a chest containing Gullwing.

Attack Power - 3
Magic Power - 3
Ability - Form Boost
Obtained In - Twilight Town. Kairi stumbles through darkness and finds her way to Twilight Town. She befriends Hayner, Pence and Olette, but gets kidnapped by Axel soon after. Sora arrives to late to help, and now has to save Kairi all over again. Remembering the connection they once had, Sora retrieves his old keyblade Oathkeeper.

Rumbling Rose:
Attack Power - 5
Magic Power - 0
Ability - Finish Plus
Obtained In - Beast's Castle. Sora returns to the castle to see Beast nervous. This is because of his romantic evening planned with Belle. So Beast is bound to be mad once Xaldin appears to ruin the fun. Believing that he is after his rose. Beast hightails it back to his room, only to discover his rose is fine. With Belle supposedly the next target, Sora receives Rumbling Rose for the battle ahead.

Guardian Soul:
Attack Power - 5
Magic Power - 1
Ability - Reaction Boost
Obtained In - Olympus Coliseum. Sora and co. enter the Underworld and find out that Hades is hosting a tournament. They enter, and soon find out that their old friend Auron has too. But Auron has been acting weird, mainly because Hades has posessed him. They free Auron, defeat Hades and take a keyblade with them for the road ahead.

Wishing Lamp:
Attack Power - 4
Magic Power - 3
Ability - Jackpot
Obtained In - Agrabah. Sora has managed to keep Jafar from being released from his lamp with the help of Aladdin. Unfortunately, Pete managed to summon him out from his prison anyways. Diving headfirst at the evil genie, Sora fought bravely. He managed to restore Agrabah to how it was, with Genie of course, and retrieved a keyblade to aid him on his journey.

Decisive Pumpkin:
Attack Power - 6
Magic Power - 1
Ability - Combo Boost
Obtained In - Halloween Town. Sora takes a visit back to the whimsical Halloween Town to check up on Jack and co. It seems that someone has been stealing the presents again. Jack sets out to prove that he was not involved. With some help they find the culprit, a failed Experiment of the Professor. For restoring Christmas to its glory and living out his wildest dream, Sora gets the Decisive Pumpkin keyblade.

Sweet Memories:
Attack Power - 0
Magic Power - 0
Ability - Lucky
Obtained In - 100 Acre Wood. Pooh has been having a memory problem. Most of his memories have been restored, but Sora is still a blank to him. And to everyone's surprise Pooh goes missing inside of the Spooky Cave. Sora and Pooh's friends toughen up to go inside and find him. When they do find Pooh Bear, he finally has remembered Sora and you get a fitting keyblade, Sweet Memory.

Mysterious Abyss:
Attack Power - 3
Magic Power - 3
Ability - Blizzard Boost
Obtained In - Atlantica. Ursala is back and up to her old tricks. She stole the Trident, reduce King Triton to a pathetic state and is attempting to control all of Atlantica. Sora must sing his way past her tricks, and distract her long enough to steal the show. When Sora does cut Ursala down, he gets the Mysterious Abyss keyblade for all his hardwork.

Sleeping Lion:
Attack Power - 5
Magic Power - 3
Ability - Combo Plus
Obtained In - Hollow Bastion. All seemed peaceful in Hollow Bastion, but it was far from it. The computer program in Space Paranoids is reeking havoc again. Sora has to go back and save the world, but he can't do it alone. Leon and the gang lend him a hand. Leon also lends Sora a keyblade to help him in the battle for Hollow Bastion, before Sora heads into Tron's world for the second time.

Bond Of Flame:
Attack Power - 4
Magic Power - 4
Ability - Fire Boost
Obtained In - World of Betwixt and Between. Hayner and the others are ready for answers. They assist Sora in breaking into the Old Mansion and penetrating the false Twilight Town. While in a world inbetween reality and fiction, a gang of nobodies attack Sora. Axel shows up to lend a hand and ultimately sacrifices himself. He gives Sora the Bond Of Flame as homage to his relationship with Roxas.

Attack Power - 6
Magic Power - 2
Ability - Drive Boost
Obtained In - The World That Never Was. Sora, Donald and Goofy break into Organization XIII's stronghold to save Kairi. Kairi doesn't need any saving though, she already found a way out and meets up with Riku. It doesn't take to long until the group reunites, and Sora finally finds Riku. Upon learning the truth, Sora gets back his old keyblade Oblivion.

Fatal Crest:
Attack Power - 3
Magic Power - 5
Ability - Charge Berserk
Obtained In - Olympus Coliseum. You're going to have to bulk up if you want to enter the tournament. The underdrome and Hade's tournament will drain the life out of you literally. Defeat wave after wave of powerful enemies in the Goddess of Fate Cup, and you get one of the best prizes Hades has to offer you. With the Fatal Crest, battles should go a lot smoother.

Attack Power - 7
Magic Power - 1
Ability - Negative Combo
Obtained In - Hollow Bastion. Sephiroth awaits you in the Dark Depths, and Sora doesn't know what to do. After a hectic battle between the two of you, Sephiroth makes Sora play the messenger by making him call Cloud. Cloud comes as Sephiroth requested, and the real battle begins. Tifa steps in to help, while giving Cloud the strength he needs to win. The two foes disappear in a flash of light as the battle comes to an end. Tifa gives Sora Fenrir as a thank you for all the help they gave them, and takes her leave.

Ultima Weapon:
Attack Power - 6
Magic Power - 4
Ability - MP Hastega
Obtained In - Synthesis. You have to synthesize Ultima Keyblade to obtain it. The items needed to make this have you go through hoops to obtain them. Here's some help.

Items / Requirements Needed:
*Moogle Rank S*
Orichalcum+ x13
Twilight Crystal
Dense Crystal
Mythril Crystal
Serenity Crystal x4

Orichalcum+ Locations:
Space Paranoids: Central Computer Mesa
Twilight Town: Sunset Terrace
100 Acre Wood: Complete Starry Hill
Atlantica: Complete "A New Day is Dawning"
Olympus Coliseum: Complete the Goddess of Fate Cup
World That Never Was: The Brink of Despair
Synthesis Workshop: Obtain One Of Each Item

After getting the appropriate materials, use a Serenity Crystal to cut the requirement of x13 Orichalcum+'s to x7. Synthesize it all and you get the strongest weapon in the game.
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The Keyblades From KH2
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