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 Great Bakugan Forum

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Normal Bakugan Brawler
Normal Bakugan Brawler

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PostSubject: Great Bakugan Forum   Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:56 pm

If you love roleplaying then this is the site for you. The members love to roleplay about things other then Bakugan, and the Bakugan RPs are always supper addicting. The people there may not be too welcoming if you spell liek tihs nd hve lss grmr. However most members are usualy fast to learn and never leave. They have great brawling sections and are usually active.


Check it out. It is a truely great for those who like Bakugan or any other anime! New signups will get a good amount of Bakubuck to help ge tthem started!
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Great Bakugan Forum
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