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 Bakugan Battle Gear

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PostSubject: Bakugan Battle Gear   Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:03 pm

Hello everyone, I'm sorry that I have not been up to date with everything, I have just been busy with college and focusing on my classes. Anyways, I think that everyone's going to enjoy this new update today and it involves with the new battle gear.

Alright, here's the new Battle Gear! You can now use these into your battle profile, but you have to make a new profile along with your Season 3 profile. I have already updated my profile with the Battle Gear and so will you.

Darkon Airkor: Adds 50 G
Ventus Battle Turbine: Adds 70 G
Pyrus Jetkor: Adds 60 G
Pyrus Twin Destruct or: Adds 90 G
Ventus Vilantor Gear: Adds 90 G
Subterra: Rock Hammer: 60 G


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Bakugan Battle Gear
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