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PostSubject: ...::[Site Update]::..   Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:37 pm

"Alright, sorry if I haven't been on as much, I',m busy due to real life situations and college now. My Psp's messed up so I can't log as much, only on Tuesday's and Thursday's if possible. Anyways I kind of lost interest into Bakugan, but I'm still up to date on the show and the new stuff that recently came out. Lol, I still have my Bakugan and my cards. Well here's the new update."

...::[Site Update]::..

Okay, I've recently update the new staff here who are recently active and I'm thinking of adding a news section for article writers that love to write stories etc. Also, I'm going to try to learn a few new things from forummotion that I haven't really gotten into.

Enjoy the Update!


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...::[Site Update]::..
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