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 dreams will come true by misa need opinion.

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PostSubject: dreams will come true by misa need opinion.   Mon May 18, 2009 5:56 pm

keep on searching for your dream don't let you'r dream go to waste this is who you are and not being ignored its all about you and you'r dream would you change or be the same this is a chance to be noticed and a change for once remember dont let them tell you cant you cant follow your dream you can do it have the courage inside of you yeah walking towards you'r dream like an adventure one day your dream will come true if you work hard enough it will happen never give up right here keep on doing your best no matter what it takes nothing can't bring you down oh oh something to believe in what we all be though everday cause because what would happen if you didn't beleive you have dreams it does come true soon but these days you get tired of following your dream in the future you get to do you dream your dream is coming though make it really happen be who you are not different it's better the way you are the end what do you think i need your honest opinion okay bye.
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dreams will come true by misa need opinion.
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