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 The Secrets of the Cores!!!!!!!!!!

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Bakugan Beginner
Bakugan Beginner

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PostSubject: The Secrets of the Cores!!!!!!!!!!   Tue Apr 14, 2009 6:39 am

One day I was walking around in the street and i fell threw concrete i know it sounds weird but i fell threw concrete i fell underground and i found two glowing orbs i walked over to them and i touched the rainbow one then i took my hand away then i touched the black one i sensed a terrible amount of negative energy and i got sucked in when i woke up i heard a deep dark and horrible voice it said who dares enter the forgottten world of the sacred white ones it was like i had heard the voice before but i yelled right back at him I ShadowShun i was the one who entered your world or what ever this thing is then he said Oh yes i remember you the one who had that Hydranoid well i can give you all of your bakugan back if u do me a favor. I imediantly said and what is that favor. I want you to destroy Daniel and his pet lizard Dragonoid . Anything for my Hydranoid. Good all of a sudden i had a bakugan launcher and my pocket got heavier. From inside my pocket i withdrew my Hydranoid i gave an Evil Laugh that ecoed and i said now teleport me to where Dan and His Lizard are ZAAAAAAaaaaaaaappppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found my self in the city where i once had fought most of the brawlers. It was like it used to be but a few modifications from the fall of Nagga which smashed most of the city i ran over and jumped over the fence into the city streets every one looked at me as i walked past mouths open they couldnt believe what they saw ShadowShun (Masquerade) walking right past them with his hydranoid on his shoulder i walked about 2 Km and there i found my first opponent his name was Jack. It seems that there are a new breed of bakugan now i missed alot while i was that boot camp. Ready i said ready he replied gate card set Bakugan brawl Hydranoid stand Gate card set bakugan stand in front of me was the uglyiest bakugan i had ever seen it was called Elfin then i relised that littleboy Jack was actually Marucho. Huh Marucho how nice to see u again gate card open Darkus force abiltity card activate jokers wild card Elfin was defeated thanks to my abilty card well that was it i laughed as Marucho fell to the ground in dismay huh i kicked the Elfin 50 yards and walked off TO BE CONTINUED.......
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The Secrets of the Cores!!!!!!!!!!
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